Sometimes life takes you on a different path, a Detour. The economic collapse of 2008 hit hard, and like a lot of people and businesses I was impacted. In my case it steered my racing career off course. This event turned out to be just the beginning of a professional motorsport detour for me. That detour ends now, with an entry in the 2019 Indianapolis 500 event.

Detour To Indy was born after speaking with fellow Las Vegan, and IndyCar team owner, Sam Schmidt who agreed to make me part of his 2019 Indianapolis 500 driver line up, with one proviso, I have to bring together a team of commercial partners to help fund the project.

The Detour To Indy (DTI) is far more than just an opportunity to race in the 2019 Indianapolis 500, it’s a chance to fulfil my life long pursuit of racing excellence. The Detour To Indy is something for my family, my friends and supporters who have been behind me since I made this commitment at the young age of 10 years old. It’s a culmination of everything up to this point in my life. It’s not just about the results of a race, it symbolizes and fulfills an emotional and far bigger life story for me, for everyone. The Indianapolis 500 is something that so far has eluded me, circumstances meant I haven’t had the opportunity to do this amazing event, yet— hence the name Detour To Indy. – Matt Jaskol

Detour To Indy Partnership Overview PDF Below:

Detour To Indy Overview Document-7.compressed